Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It started with David...

It started with David - the man who God said was 'after His own heart'. It has happened with Jimmy Swaggart Jim Williams and most recently Discovery Church Pastor David Loveless. A pastor or some other leader in the church that is disgraced by something they did. I am sure we can all think of other names that could be on that list, but my question is beyond the why. My question is how do they 'get back' or even should they return to a role similar to the one they had. 

With this on my mind you can see how this article from the June 19th edition of the Orlando Sentinel caught my eye.... 

In a letter read to the congregation at Discovery Church, Pastor David Loveless admitted adultery, deceit, sinfulness, selfishness, broken trust and a violation of "everything I knew to be true and right."
"I am broken beyond description," he wrote. Loveless resigned last month from the Orlando church he founded 29 years ago and, like many fallen preachers before him, now begins a restoration process. It won't be easy, say experts.

[Read the entire article here.]

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Andea Goolsby said...

I am glad he confessed publicly. We're all sinners; we all fail. However I believe that the bigger your platform, the bigger your responsibility is to those watching the platform. If I offend two people in my close circle of peers/friends, it is my responsibility to apologize to them including my confession to God. If I offend a community of people, it is my duty to ask for that entire community's forgiveness. Whether or not my apology is accepted by all is not in my control. What is in my control is to obey God's Word and commands. It is not always easy to ask for forgiveness. But in it is found cleansing.

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