I missed baseball season...

Well the world series is over and that marks the end of the 2012 baseball season... and I missed it... all of it.  I didn't see one pitch, one hit or a single stolen base.  Why?  Has baseball lost it's luster, no.  Am I turned off by high salaries, outrageous ticket prices, drug use by players or some other scandal, nope.  So why? Why did I miss the entire season?

A little over a year ago I was moved when I saw the ending scene from 'Courageous'.  In it the main character says, 'You can't fall asleep at the wheel only to wake up one day and realize that your job or your hobbies have no eternal value.'

I've always been amazed that guys can hoot and holler when their team scores (talk about no eternal value) but when it comes to eternal things we are reserved and 'churchey'.

Some baseball games where removed from our menu when we eliminated DISH (or cable etc) from our home.  Rather quickly our tv watching habits changed... we  watch TV less and when we did it was (and is) on our schedule. 

The sports nut in me reasoned that with how I keep up with the game that I would at least sit down and watch baseball when it got to the play-offs... nope.  Well surely the world series... nope.   The love of the game is still there but that desire is gone.

The Bible says to seek the things of God and He will give you everything else you need (the desires of your heart)... not what you want, but need.  The choice to do that is not hard, but it is Courageous.

There are things that happen in my life that will never leave me.

For the past several days I have been going through old video... moving it from one service to another... and I came across the movie I help produce in 2009 called Side Order.   The story of Side Order was about a diner in a small town where people lived life together and discovered the best things in life are not on the menu.

I smiled when I saw all the faces of the cast and crew - my friends.  I wanted to cry when I saw George Wilson who is now in heaven.  I was flooded with memories of that very special time when all the pieces came together... for once people were not interested in what they could gain but what they could give.  This movie, this project was bigger than ourselves.   It was a magical moment.

Many have moved on and some have forgotten.  Some have said that that chapter is closed for them, but just like my favorite book or photo album I enjoy looking back.  I remember the long hours, the sounds, the smells, the laughter, the tears the night we surprised George.  I remember it all - everything. 

I didn't know then how I much I would treasure those times when I was in the middle of them.  Had I known I would have slowed down and made a point to enjoy  them  all the more.

I wonder sometimes are we in those times now and if so what will we years from now remember.

Side Order will never leave me... in fact I hope to one day revisit the whole project.  Maybe one day the magic of that moment  will happen again.

For now that magic is reserved for the Christmas time showing at my house. 
Welcome to my new site...  it's part blog, part demo of what I can do and it's me.

From time to time (with no real hint of regularity) I will be posting about things that catch my ear or eye.  

What kind of things catch my attention...  media, people, politics, money and matters of faith.

Am I always right, no.  I am like some preachers I know... may be wrong, but never in doubt and the only thing I am 100% sure about is my opinion.... well sometimes.