A Lesson on Influence

Dictionary.com defines influence as the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others.

Funny thing about influence is that often we don't even realize how we influence others or even the fact that we are an influence on others.

In the last several weeks I have been shown that is some very real ways.  The most pointed has been through the reconnection of an old friend.

Facebook allowed this person to find me and I was astonished at how much they remembered about me.... the kind of music I listened to (then), the car I had, things I had done and said, a sweatshirt I used to wear... everything. 

Now you got to understand I was never 'that guy' in high school.  I had my friends and things I did excel at but I was never a jock, preppy or an academic all star.  I was a geek, a nerd and well, different... not someone that anyone wanted to be (I thought) ... and by the way I was perfectly fine with that. 

Today as I reconnect with friends from long ago I realize that I had a power that everyone of us have but often ignore... influence.  

I never thought then that someone would be quoting me almost 25 years later or that something I had done or said to them gave them anything but a laugh during their lifetime, but I was wrong.

I may now have used it knowingly then, but today is a different story.  We have influence on every person we come in contact with... I hope I have learned my lesson well.