Please pray for Boston...

I sat stunned. Stunned. Another attack. It wasn't in a foreign country, or some far off building. It was an attack at a sporting event... and a sport that I hold dear... running.

Running is my time with God. Running is a part of my identity.

In an attempt to gather information abut the attack I came across an article written by Bonnie D. Ford... a contributor to ESPN... one paragraph she wrote reached out and grabbed me. It - in part - is why I love running...

'Marathons, more than any other event I've covered in 20 years' worth of international sports experience, are a celebration of a range of achievement, not just the top percentile. The amateurs run in the footsteps of the elite. The pride is palpable from the front ranks all the way to the back. The massed color and movement at the start are an impressionist painting of accomplishment. Because -- honestly -- most normal folks would tell you that getting there is achievement enough. The training they invest and the self-belief they develop in the process are worth it, no matter how long it takes them to finish.'

I invite you to read the rest of this article here. And don't forget to pray for those in Boston and runners around the world who will no doubt do what I did this morning - in order to process this whole event. 

Go for a run.