Sticks and stones.

I find pictures like these fascinating.


They are fascinating because of the sliver of time they catch.  If you looked at the bottle of water or cloud at any other time it would tell a very different picture.  It's a matter of timing and perception.

Recently these words were used to describe me: mentor, funny, dedicated, faithful and talented, but so were these: negative, demeaning and condescending. Ouch.

So how can both sets of words be used to describe describe me? Timing and perception.

At your best - hopefully your norm - you are all the things you strive to be.. at your worst, well um.

The problem is - or can be - that it takes so much positivity to overcome a single negative or bad perception!

I can respond kindly, I can work tirelessly, I can serve without complaint or question 95% of the time, but the other 5% has a tendency to become all some see.  Whose fault is that?  Mine.

Just like it's not your fault for seeing what you see in the above pictures - it's the photographer's - he or she framed it that way.  It's also not your fault for seeing what you see in me - especially when sometimes it is there.

It is my responsibility to grow the 95% and decrease the 5%, it's not yours to see things differently... I am afterall the one who framed the picture.

Check off another life lesson learned.