I just had to call my Bobby...

I am blessed.  Oh just about anyone could look at my life and see my family, my surroundings and say that but it's the things you don't see that do it for me.

I'm working on the air this week at Sunny 92.3...  many of you know that I work there part-time and that I used to be on the radio everyday (afternoon drive 2p - 7p).  I do love being on the air... radio is one of the most intimate mass mediums.  

Year ago I made a connection with a listener - let's call her Kathy.  Kathy is a sweet lady in her 60's (I'm guessing) and always a joy to talk with.  Even though I only work on the air sparatically, I can bet that if Kathy hears me, she is gonna call the station and say hello.  Through the years she has done things for me like send me a gift when my daughter was born or called to console me when she heard of the passing of my nephew Jonathan back in 2009.  I've also heard about her highs and her lows, each time she would utter the phrase, 'I just had to call my Bobby'.

Today, she 'had to call her Bobby' when she heard me on the air and this was one of her low days...  she told me of the passing of her son... her son had died as a result of a massive heart attack.  She had been under the care of a grief counselor but wanted me to pray for and with her.  I did and I will.   She said that I was someone she just had to talk with because she knew I would care...  I do. 

I was so touched, not because she would think of me to share her bad news with - or any news - but because God allowed me to be there for someone - in His name - ya see, blessed.