Winter storm Cleatus!

It's Wednesday night and we are halfway through a week that is not normal. A winter storm - or at least the threat thereof - has caused havoc with driving, schedules and our heating systems.

Call me crazy but I still snicker at how schools will cancel everything at the mere threat of a snow flake and should there actually start snowing while school is in session it is a full scale crisis. I understand safety and to a certain extent a comfort concern when it comes to our kids and school. It the school is in session our kids are legally required to be there and we have to get them there and depending on the weather and/or road conditions it could be putting safety at risk.

What bothers me is that in recent years churches have taken the same approach. They don't want put their members at risk, so if the weather is bad then they will just cancel too.


Besides the obvious fact that no one is legally required to be there and therefore, if would be left up to the individual to take the risk or not, it is really cause for a much deeper concern.  

Recently ISIS beheaded several Christians because they not denounce Christ, but we'll let even the threat of bad weather keep us for worship and fellowship at His house?
Sure travel under bad road conditions to church might have an element of risk to it, no more or less than those who will take the same risks to go to work everyday in rush hour traffic.

What would happen to the church (in the U.S.) if the roads got really bad, and not just because of the weather.

Luke 9:23 says, ' If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.' One way to interpret 'deny himself' means to give up what we believe we have the 'right' to. I think we (Christians) operate thinking we have a 'right' to safety, comfort, our way, etc. when it's clear we should really abandon those things.

Several years ago we had an event at the church I worked at and just before it happened the power went out. A few times after that the power went out on a Sunday morning. Did we cancel service? Did we just all pack up and go home? Nope. We made do. One time we had an event that was outdoors and it rained the entire time. Did we just quit and go home? Nope. At each instance some didn't show for whatever reason but for those of us did show we 'had church'. It didn't matter what we didn't have or had too much of or what discomfort there was in getting there, we wanted to be there.

I wonder what would happen at a church that said, 'The roads are bad and it's cold but we're still open and planning on a service for whoever shows up.'

I bet it would be packed!