What would Jesus say now.

Today the Supreme Court of the United States rules that same sex marriage is legal and should be recognized in all fifty states. Just a few short hours later same sex marriages were performed all across the country in celebration of that ruling.

As a Christian is should come as no surprise to you that I am - to say the least - troubled by today's events. Troubled but certainly not mad. I'm not surprised. I'm not even upset or sad. I am hopeful.

Yes, you read right I am hopeful. I hope that this will stir in us all a revolution of sorts that will begin to separate our government from the marriage business. They have no business in it anyway and I predict that many traditional marriages will be performed outside of the normal - government approval - process.

I am also hopeful that fellow Christians will respond in such a way to point those who differ with us in the direction of Christ. In the midst of all the chaos of today I came across this simple entry on faithhit.com and it just made me smile. Thought I would share it with you. It's what I want to say and how I want to act.

Five things Jesus would say to the Gay community today.

1. I love you.
Amidst the protest signs, yelling crowds, and political referendums, the simple message of Jesus’ love for you is often drowned out. Never doubt that Jesus loves you more than you could ever know.

2. I understand rejection.
Jesus knows how it feels to be a social outcast. You would think the religious leaders would have been His best friends, but they hated Him. They sought to kill Him and publicly shame Him any chance they had.

3. I also was tempted.
Jesus was tempted in every way that we are tempted. He does not shame you or reject you because of your temptations and feelings.

4. I want more for you.
God created marriage and sex for your enjoyment. Sex was created for one man and one woman within the covenant of marriage, and it has been that way from the beginning.

5. I will be here for you.
You may disagree with Jesus’s thoughts on sex and marriage, but He will not turn away from you.

Read the entire article here.

This is me...

Not long ago my daughter asked me what I believe the way I do about interracial marriage.  As I explained to her that I had no problem with it because I believe that God created ALL of us I could see a light bulb go on in her brain that she was forming some beliefs of her own.  Neat moment.  So what do I believe?  For my daughter's benefit and mine here is what I believe.

Before I go any further let me state very clearly that this is ME,  how I think and feel about life and how I look at it.  I have a Biblical worldview.  You may see things different and can live your life anyway you want and I'm not forcing you to read this or live this way or even agree.  If either one of us is wrong then we will have deal with the results of our choices ourselves.  Now that that is settled let me begin.

My faith in God is the most personal relationship I have.  There are things I can confess to Him that no one else could ever hear or even understand.  My faith is not a jacket that I get out on cold days and slip it on and hope it still fits, it is more like my internal compass that guides my every step.  I don't have one single 'quiet time' in the morning or evening, I pray constantly throughout the day in an almost constant conversation.    I read a devotional several times through out the day - especially since the I discovered the Bible app on my phone.   It is my desire to be salt and light in a real and tangible way in the world around me.  I believe it is by faith - not works - that you are saved but since my faith is real I want to do the 'works' to build the Kingdom.  I have certain people (my family included) that I am accountable to and check in with on a regular basis, not because I am weak but because I want to stay strong.  I couldn't care less what 'type' of Christianity you practice, if you love Jesus then that's a great place to start and we'll get along just fine.  I do believe the Bible... all of it; though my understanding of it is small but growing.  I have little patience for those who like to pick and choose or who have 'pet' sins they like to point them out while ignoring other ones.

If you aren't a Christian, that's doesn't or won't stop me from caring about you.  If you ask me I'll tell you all about my faith life, but if you aren't interested then that's fine as well... we can be friends, we can work together and we can be on the same team.   I will live out my faith in front of you because I know you are watching me.  You will see how I act when I think no one is looking.   I have friends from all walks of life and many don't profess any type of belief in God but one day they may ask questions and I pray that they will turn to someone like me.

When it comes to social issues my faith and beliefs do color my opinion but not as you may think. I don't want to single out a particular issue so let's just say I believe our government can not and should not legislate morality and should be OUT of any business that intrudes in someone's personal life.   If you don't like what I do or how I am doing it and as long as it doesn't intrude or infringe on someone else's 'rights' then stay out my life.  What someone does is between them and God and if it violates God's law then that is between them and GOD not them and their congressman.  Who has the higher power the government or God?   Are there things that are just wrong - yes, but no law can prevent it from happening, that takes a change of heart.

When it comes to money and economics I am as conservative as they come.  I want taxes to be low, government hand ups instead of hand outs - and as few of those as possible.  Our economy and the free enterprise system needs little assistance from the Government and therefore less intrusion to be the most effective.  The market will decide which good products and services and which ones are bad all on it's own - aside from some basic consumer protection less is more.  

On a personal level money and what you do with it is a reflection of your value system.  God teaches and I believe that money flows to those who manage it well and away from those who don't and that the real treasure is not in this world anyway.  With that understanding a man who doesn't take care of his house first is worse than an unbeliever and by doing just that many of the social economic woes will disappear over night.

I love my country and I respect our flag, but as a Christian I am a citizen of heaven first and my pledge of allegiance to God alone.

I know that really doesn't cover everything but this is me.  This is the way God has created me and has crafted me over the years,  He tells me that I am 'fearfully an wonderfully made'.