God has a plan

Back in May I wrote about how God moved me (by force) out of a ministry role at a local church and how 'sometimes the bad news is the good news that leads to the better news'. I still believe that is true I was just unaware that there was even better new still to come.

For the last eighteen months (after the ministry position ended) I have been working back in radio full time as sales, marketing and research coordinator for Sunny 92.3, Hits 96 and Q973/993 - it's a radio family I have been a part of either full or part-time for the last eighteen years. This family has been with me through the highs of life like the birth of my daughter and the lows like the death of my nephew. After a slow(ish) start back in sales, I was happy, gaining success and momentum and simply content just to keep doing what I felt 'made' to do. I have been in radio since 1986 after all!

In October of last year I was approach with a chance to return to full time ministry. I resisted the call. I kept resisting. For two months I simply said to myself, surly God wouldn't want me to leave all this and go back 'there'? Would he?

In Judges Chapter 6 the Bible tells the story of Gideon and how he tested or confirmed God's call on his life...

Gideon set out a sheepskin, or a fleece, and asked God to make the fleece full of dew, but the ground around the fleece dry. That night the fleece was saturated and the ground was dry. Then Gideon asked for the opposite to happen the next night. The fleece would be dry and the ground wet if God wanted Gideon to proceed to mount an attack against the enemy (Judges 6:36-40)

...that is exactly what I did, THREE TIMES! Each time God confirmed His new direction for my life.

My wife and daughter confirmed the direction as well and together we said o.k. to God's plan and put things into motion the first week of January.

This past Friday was my last day (full-time) in radio on South Broad Street. I will remain at Sunny 92.3 (part-time) as host of CCM Sunday and part-time/fill in air talent . I am grateful and humbled by the blessing this family has and continues to be to me and my family. Thank you. Thank you for your 'blessing' on me as I begin this new adventure. 

Beginning this Monday, February 1st, I will begin serving as the Communications Director for Silverdale Baptist Church in Chattanooga and thus begins a new page in the never ending chapter of my professional life. It's a page I wasn't sure I would ever get to write but God had a plan, God ALWAYS has a plan.