What a year...

The year 2017 is now over, and 2018 is underway. To get a grip on the new year, I think it's important to look back as see what happened last year and see if there is anything I can learn from it.

Clemson wins is ALL!

The Clemson Tigers are the National Champions! It took 35 years since we could say that and it took 35 points to knock off Alabama. That was a sweet victory. As a long time Tiger (since 1979) it was beautiful to see. I hoped we'd be there again but never thought it would be the very next year! We're back at it and once again facing Alabama. As of this post, the game is tonight - win or lose - I'll always be #allin.

Lessons learned...
As Nick Saban as learned, never doubt Dabo.  Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney has built a fantastic program built on integrity and solid fundamentals.

Also, I place WAY too much emphasis on football. That has to change.

25 Years in the making.

My wife and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary. Still can't believe that she chose me.

Lessons learned...
Ain't true love grand!

I really love being on stage.

Seize The Laughter with 'Stella' in January.
The Sanders Family in June.
Me & Dan in a stage selfie during 'Lend Me A Tenor' in July.

Lessons learned...

I am at my best when faced with a challenge.

Also, friendship means EVERYTHING. During a performance of Smoke on the Mountain, Kay Williams, a friend I had not seen in almost 30 years, drove from Memphis (along with her husband) to catch a show. I was and still am blown away. Thank you Kaybo.

My wife will take on most any challenge.

The year she has run her first half marathon and gone caving... both things she said she'd didn't want to do, but when Nikki was presented the challenge, she accepted the crushed it! 

Lessons learned... 
Don't tell my wife she can't do anything. Love you, babe.

All good things must end.

I got the news that it was coming to an end on October 13, 2017 - yes a Friday - and I knew when I heard of the decision that it was the right one. The last edition of CCM Sunday was on October 29, 2017, on Sunny 92.3. After 24 years, it was gone. CCM Sunday was more than just a show on the radio. It was a huge part of my life.  
Lessons learned...
The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:10, 'Whatever the activity in which you engage, do it with all your ability, because there is no work, no planning, no learning, and no wisdom in the next world where you're going..' What that verse says to me is that whatever you do in this life, make it count. Do it with everything you have in you and make a difference!

The 333 Challenge

In January I quietly accepted this challenge to reduce my clothing wardrobe down to 33 items for 3 months - not counting underwear, socks and specific clothes for running. This meant going through my closet, dresser, and drawers and packing up anything that was over the count of 33. Now, after doing this for a year, I won't go back.  I have made adjustments for the seasons, but I haven't missed anything, and when these clothes wear out I have a supply of 'new' clothes waiting for me in the attic. 

Lessons learned...
I can live much less than I thought. We all could.

So there you have it, my 2017 and all the lessons learned. Life is a journey, and it's best enjoyed when you live it rather than just survive it. God bless and Happy 2018!