It happened again...

It happened again! Someone called my employer and lodged a complaint against me!

This time the complainer did it 'anonymously' but they didn't stay that way. People forget that when you call anywhere these days, you should expect caller ID. It only took me 10 minutes to learn who she was, where she worked and what kind of reputation she had.

Now, conventional wisdom says, if a person makes a complaint and they don't leave their name - just toss it. For the most part, I believe it. There is; however, a case to be made that there is a response required - though not to the anonymous person who made the complaint.

The response that is required is similar to the one that should be with every complaint.

1) Don't respond - or defend right away. Don't display or allow yourself to have a knee-jerk reaction. Give yourself 24 hours to allow your emotions to settle.

2) Go back a read or listen to the complaint again, and then...

3) Go back and think about the event that caused the complaint. Is there a chance this person could be right. Do they have a legitimate beef? Is there something I can learn?

4) If there is something you can learn or improve upon, don't waste the input, make the change.

5) Forget about it. The person didn't care enough to leave their name, so you shouldn't be troubled any longer after learning what you can.

For me, what was learned is two things:

1) Some people don't really read posts or hear what you wrote or said, they hear or read into it based on what they think you say. 

Aha! Can't really do anything about that.

2) Some people don't understand sarcasm.

Too bad. Their loss.